Posted by: Silver | November 29, 2011

London to Woodstock

London to Ingersoll:
Distance: 40 km
Ascent: 245 m
Cycling time: 2 hours, 16 minutes

Ingersoll to Woodstock:
Distance: 20 km
Ascent: 75 m
Cycling time: 1 hour, 3 minutes

Anyone who’s been reading the statistics at the beginning of each of these blog entries will have noticed that my journeys have been getter rather shorter just lately. Anyone who knows this part of southern Ontario will have also noticed that my stops have now started to coincide with those of the main trains around here. And as anyone who’s noticed how much planning goes into this journey might have guessed, this is entirely deliberate. Not being equipped with a direct line to the weather gods (although, if anyone knows of a service provider who could get me hooked up, I’d definitely be interested in negotiating a package…), I figured I would try and keep the journeys shorter so that – if the weather was really unpleasant – I wouldn’t have to be out in it for quite so long, and I planned my route to go to places that public transport also went to so that – if the weather was really, really unpleasant – I would still have an alternative means of getting to where I was going.

So far, though, the weather’s been fine! Here I am, at the end of November, and I’m not even in my thermals yet! It’s getting to the stage where the locals are starting to talk about how unusually good the weather is for this time of year, though, so I have no doubt that my luck is going to run out – and probably fairly soon – but I’ve certainly been making the most of it for as long as it lasts. :-)The rain (note, ‘rain’, not ‘snow’…) even very co-operatively confined itself to my non-cycling day in Woodstock, which curtailed my plans to check out the rather interesting-looking trail system around the Pittock Reservoir, but did create the perfect environment for sitting in front of the computer – doing more planning! Let’s just hope the weather gods were paying attention to the schedule I was working out for next year…

Oh, and for anyone who was thinking of commenting on how my entries seem to be obsessed with the weather at the moment: just try cycling in Canada at this time of year and see how obsessed you get! 😉

This is prime farming country, so this was typical of the scenery I was passing. As in so many other places, though, some of the best soils in the land are fast disappearing under urban development

The outhouse as museum exhibit! I made use of I-don't-know-how-many of these out in the wilds of western Canada, but here in civilized southern Ontario, it seems that people need to have them explained!

I'd never seen a red pistachio before, so naturally, I had to ask... Apparently, 'back in the day', Canadians wouldn't eat pistachios because they thought their natural green colour meant that they were mouldy. So someone came up with the cunning wheeze of dying them red, and suddenly they were a hit. Until people started to worry about how bad for you the dye was, of course... So now you can get both colours!

It's not just Milton Keynes that has concrete cows! Woodstock used to be a big dairying area, and this statue commemorates a local record-breaking milk producer - record-breaking by 1930s standards, at least... (and yes, the statue really is made of concrete!)


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