Posted by: Silver | December 14, 2011

Guelph to Cambridge

Guelph to Kitchener:
Distance: 34 km
Ascent: 265 m
Cycling time: 2 hours, 21 minutes

Kitchener to Cambridge:
Distance: 10 km
Ascent: 61 m
Cycling time: 42 minutes

Originally, the big news for this entry was to be that my fundraising total had finally topped $20,000, but now, thanks to the most fantastically, amazingly generous donation from a couple in Cambridge, this news is out of date: my fundraising total now stands at just over $21,000! The couple concerned had already been thinking about cutting back on some of the greater excesses that have come to characterize Christmas in North America and instead channelling their festive goodwill in a more worthwhile direction – and then I came bounding into their lives, bubbling with enthusiasm for the difference SOS Children’s Villages is making in so many children’s lives, and evidently giving them ideas!

I mention this for three main reasons: firstly of course, I simply wanted to publicly recognize this couple’s immense kindness and generosity, and express how greatly their support is appreciated.

Secondly, for any doubters that there might be out there, I thought it would serve as a useful illustration that, even after eighteen months on this journey, I am still every bit as passionate about SOS as I was the day I started pedalling; even through the Hard Work of winter weather and preoccupied southern Ontarians, I’m still waving my arms around so much that people ask if I’m Italian, and although I’m already thoroughly sick of people asking “So, where did you start then?”, I have never tired of telling people how wonderful SOS is!

Finally, and perhaps most importantly though, I am, of course, hoping that it might put ideas into your minds too! 😉 If you think you could still have a happy Christmas without quite so much excess, why not consider re-directing at least a little of the money you save towards making some children somewhere in the world very happy indeed… 🙂 As ever, the link is here if you want it… 😉

Unlike London (on the Thames) and Stratford (on the Avon), Cambridge, Ontario is on the Grand River, not the Cam; there is, however, a very nice path along it that goes pretty much all the way from Kitchener to Cambridge 🙂

For some reason, I've been taking a lot of photos of trees just recently: perhaps because they look so beautifully sculptural at this time of year...

After speaking to a church in Paris, I took the rail trail back to Cambridge: partly so that I could enjoy the beautiful scenery and the beautiful sunshine, and partly so that I could tell all my European blog followers that I cycled from Paris to Cambridge in under two hours... 😉



  1. still out there are ya

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