Posted by: Silver | February 5, 2012

Greetings from Canada (again)!

Oh dear, I have been rather terribly neglectful of this blog just recently, haven’t I? And it’s not because nothing’s been happening – in fact, it’s possibly because precisely the opposite has been the case! I’ve actually been back in Canada for three busy, interest-filled (though non-cycling) weeks now, so let’s see if I can bring you all back up to date again:

When I first returned to Toronto after my festive break in California, I actually spent a few days being a tourist! This was made possible thanks to the incredible kindness of SOS Children’s Villages’ only Toronto-based employee, who not only allowed me to crash on her couch for several days, but also provided me with a week’s transit pass and some spending money as well, so that I could get a feel for what Toronto had to offer. Which, as many of you probably know already, is quite a lot.

From wandering through Chinatown, Kensington market (which caters to a not entirely dissimilar crowd from that served by the late, lamented version in central London) and the habourfront (built entirely on reclaimed land, I discovered!), to belly dancing and flying through the air with the greatest of ease (almost!) on a flying trapeze, I certainly wasn’t short of things to fill my time with. I tried a chocolate covered butter tart (an interesting variation on a Canadian classic), and ate a picnic lunch in the music garden overlooking Lake Ontario… at -5ºC! Surrounded by bright blue skies and inquisitive sparrows, it was actually a perfectly enjoyable experience, but suffice it to say that one thing I was not surrounded by was any other people daft enough to think of coming out to experience the same thing…

Part of the Toronto music gardens, where I ate my picnic. Each part of the garden took its design inspiration from a different dance form (sarabande, gigue etc): the connection was sometimes a little tenuous, I thought, but the overall effect was very lovely. Do I need to identify the sticky-up thing in the background?!

Now there's something you don't see every day! But in the funky neighbourhood around Kensington market, two moose on a roof bedecked with Christmas wreaths somehow just seemed entirely fitting...

Toronto has apparently been trying hard to improve the wildlife habitat along its lakeshore in recent years: this was a long-tailed duck (I think!) enjoying the sunshine as much as I was

The early morning view of the Toronto skyline from my host's apartment: yet again, I was able to appreciate just what a lucky, lucky girl I am



  1. Thank you for the update and excellent photos. You have many more miles ahead and I look forward to more about your travels.

    Because I am just completing one book about my father’s naval memoirs and about to start another (the first of two) about my search for more information related to father’s wartime experiences, “the writing of books about adventures” is on my mind, and your adventure certainly would be one to put into book form. You are a good writer and your photos are very good quality.

    If you are so inclined, has a ‘create a book’ site called Createspace. I’ve used it twice w very good results, cost very reasonable, ‘for sale’ opportunities are available. Better yet, as I’ve just recently discovered, is ‘iBook author’, a free app from the iMac store (recent operating system is required). The book template is extensive and allows for large photo galleries where stills, videos, audio can be presented. Future presentations would just be a click away.

    Something to consider?

    GH, London

  2. Nice to hear from you again.
    Was the belly dancing and flying through the air on a trapeze all at the same time? You’d truly deserve a chocolate-covered butter tart after that!
    Keep well,

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