Posted by: Silver | February 16, 2012

Ottawa, part 1

As I mentioned in my last entry, the main purpose of my visit to Ottawa was to spend some time working with the people in the SOS Children’s Villages office there. And if the experience was as beneficial for them as it was for me, my visit was definitely a resounding success, as I found it both completely fascinating and extremely helpful! Not only did I come away with a greater understanding of the basic day-to-day running of the charity here in Canada, but I also gained some very interesting and unexpected insights into this blog and the way in which it’s been helping SOS without my even realizing it!

Apparently, the fact that I include links to the SOS website here helps Google to determine that the SOS website is indeed a good source of information about, urm, SOS, and so helps to ensure that the site appears near the top of the results page when anyone searches for them. However, so many blogs are apparently set up purely to try and use this technique to bump sites up in Google’s ratings that Google generally doesn’t give blogs much credence: on a scale that goes up to 10, they’re lucky to get more than 0. My blog, however, got a 3. 🙂 So there you have it: the great Google considers me to be a source of (relatively!) authoritative information! I was slightly embarrassed by how proud this made me feel…

Even more interestingly, though, I discovered that I can be even more helpful by helping people to find SOS even if they’re not searching for them by name: for example, a lot of people don’t appear to realize that you can actually sponsor a child through SOS, so by providing this link as well, hopefully even more people will find out that you can!

There’s still more to say about Ottawa, but in the interests of keeping my entries short, I think I’ll make you wait for the rest… 😉

Now here's something I'd never seen in the UK: Canada is definitely a lot closer to Japan than Britain when it comes to taking your shoes off indoors, and when it's wet and snowy outside, this even applies to the workplace. This was the line-up of footwear outside the SOS office: as you can see, they really do operate with only a very small staff!



  1. ha ha. My Brit friends all mention the shoe thing…apparently Americans don’t take theirs off either.

    One other thing that raises your blogs relevance to google is frequent posts and comments by the readers. On my trip I posted daily and was responded to frequently. My blog hit amazing heights. Now that I am settled in one space for a time it has gone back to it’s stodgy existence. Sigh. Back on the road in the spring and hopefully that will change.

    Seems like every word you write brings you closer to my place. I am excited about meeting you.

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