Posted by: Silver | February 24, 2012

Ottawa, part 3

And so, to the final, thrilling, instalment of ‘Silver’s sojourn in snowy Ottawa’! You may remember my mentioning a few posts ago that Ranger had only one outing during my time in the nation’s capital; there’s just a chance that a few of you may also remember my mentioning – many, many posts ago – that the indexing on Ranger’s gear shifter broke. That was back in northern Ontario, and I’d been friction-shifting my way perfectly happily through the hills ever since then, but of course, there was always the question at the back of my mind: if the indexing washer has already broken, how long might it be before the rest of the shifter follows suit? And so, aware of the rule that states that anything that’s going to break is going to do so at the most inconvenient moment possible, when you are furthest from help, and equally aware of the fact that my route for the coming year is going to take me really pretty far from help at times, I decided that now, while I was in one place for more than 48 hours, was the moment to get the shifter replaced.

The downside of this, of course, was that I had no choice but to take my pride and joy out over the hungry, salty roads that I just knew were waiting to try and eat him away; thank goodness the bike shop was only a few kilometres away! I won’t bore you with an endless diatribe against Shimano for refusing to sell their gear shifters singly, even though only one of mine was actually broken (just suffice it to say that they are NOT my favourite company at the moment), but – since I know there are quite a few fellow trikers reading this blog – what I will mention is that the mechanic who did the work for me informed me that I should have had a barrel adjuster in my set-up because (if I’m getting this right) I have mountain bike shifters but road bike gears. Still not 100% sure I know what on earth he was talking about, but my gears do now seem to shift more smoothly than they ever used to, so maybe it’s something worth being aware of! Anyway, my thanks to Duncan at Fresh Air in Ottawa for throwing the necessary adjuster in for free, and giving me a 15% discount to help soften the blow of being forced to buy a pair of shifters.

And finally, as some of you may have read in one of the comments left in response to my article about my blog helping people to find SOS on the web: if lots of people leave comments on my blog, apparently that also helps to boost the relevance that Google attaches to me and my links to SOS, so – get writing everyone! Quite apart from the fact that it’ll help web searchers to find SOS, I really love hearing from you all!!

A parting shot from my final day in Ottawa: Parliament Hill and Château Laurier, as seen from the Québec side of the Ottawa River (yes, the big expanse of white is a river...) Just don't go thinking that that means you know where I am now... 😉



  1. Nice one, happy trails!

  2. You are very brave to pedal out in this season.

  3. Hey Silver ,Sounds like you are giving us the gears again…:) Hope you are warm as you trike . Bet you will be glad when and if Spring arrives this year !! So proud to know you pretty English Girl and on you go carrying our Hearts along with yours to help SOS Children’s Village’s….:) Be good and be safe ..Hugs ,Graham

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