Posted by: Silver | February 29, 2012

Ottawa to Amherstburg

Yes, an entry on February 29th – just because I can…!

I am always deeply humbled by my hosts’ kindness towards me on this journey, but in Ottawa, I was particularly impressed by the 17-year-old daughter of the family, who greeted the prospect of being exiled from her room in order to make space for me with the sort of cheerfulness and good grace that I am quite sure I wouldn’t have been able to manage at her age. After a couple of weeks of occupying her personal space, however, it was definitely time to go and impose on someone else instead, and so – once again with the assistance of VIA Rail – I made my way from almost as far east as you can get in Ontario, back down to the very south-western corner and my once and future hosts in Amherstburg.

One of the downsides of being homeless is that you have to go where people are prepared to take you in; one of the upsides is that those people are often utterly wonderful. Just as in Ottawa, my Amherstburg hosts made me feel thoroughly at home and part of the family (although no need to kick anyone out of their room here; I even had my own en suite bathroom – what luxury!), and they were touchingly keen to ensure that I had a good time in their locale, whilst also being very understanding of the fact that this was far from ‘time off’ for me. Yes, even though I’m not really cycling at the moment (apart from a few training rides made possible by being back in the snow-free ‘banana belt’ :-)), the journey is still my full-time occupation, and most of my time in Amherstburg was spent sending emails and doing the necessary web research to ensure that the final leg of my journey is as successful for SOS Children’s Villages as possible. All very important stuff, but not really very exciting to write about, I fear…!

But, my winter layover is almost at an end: hopefully things will start to get rather more interesting rather soon now!

As you can see, there was a little bit of snow while I was in Amherstburg... but also some glorious sunsets

Maple tapping season has begun! I was surprised to see these two trees just standing in someone's front garden, right on the main road into Amherstburg. They were the first tapped trees I'd ever seen... but I promise you they won't be the last!

As I mentioned, the weather was nice enough for a couple of very pleasant 'joyrides' through the countryside surrounding my hosts' house; don't be fooled by the ice on the river - the rides really were joyful!



  1. Thanks Silver for once again keeping me and everyone else informed as to how you are managing and so nice to hear about the Kindness of your Hosts ! And yes Special Mention indeed to a 17 year old Young Lady would be bivouacked out of her own room for you to use for two weeks..!! Thank You from me to her on your behalf as well..:)
    Well almost time to get your legs pumping again and weather permitting I know you like that too…All the best and keep up the Fantastic work and Drawing awareness to your Hearts Passion SOS Children’s Village’s..Cheers and Hugs from Graham in Hope BC,,,,,,:) ❤

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