Posted by: Silver | March 31, 2012

Niagara Falls to Port Perry

Niagara Falls to Welland:
Distance: 32km

Welland to Hamilton:
Distance: 68km

Hamilton to Mississauga:
Distance: 60km

Mississauga to Mono Centre:
Distance: 79km

Mono Centre to Mt Albert:
Distance: 85km

Mt Albert to Barrie:
Distance: 65km

Barrie to Orillia:
Distance: 37km

Orillia to Pefferlaw:
Distance: 55km

Pefferlaw to Port Perry:
Distance: 64km

So, where does the time go? Let me see…

5 presentations, 30 media interviews, 400 emails, 550 km, $1300 of donations.
Hills. Steep hills. Hills so steep trucks were banned from even attempting them (Ranger, of course, was neither daunted nor defeated by such minor obstacles)
Headwinds, tailwinds, but almost never no wind; sunshine, rain and drizzle.
Bike paths :-), busy roads :-(, potholes, roadworks, dirt roads, double-back diversions.
Groups who asked me to bring my own projector, groups who asked if I could come back next week: groups who apparently hadn’t quite grasped what I’m doing out here…
Journalists who were so inspired they made a donation; journalists who swore they would make a donation, but never did; journalists who wouldn’t even give me the time of day.
Chocolate, chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream; and several new converts to veggie burgers (honestly – they really are good these days…!)
Canals, lakes, a hotel swimming pool; hill walking, choir singing and almost a vampire or two.
And many wonderful, wonderful hosts with whom I would have loved to have more time to talk.

I can’t promise that the journey will get any less hectic in future, but I do promise that I’ll always keep the blog as up to date as I possibly can!

Spring came outrageously early to southern Ontario, with a heatwave in mid-March: apparently, we were warmer than California for a while! I wasn't complaining, but it did melt all my chocolate... 😦

Even through the built-up areas of my journey, there was lots of beautiful scenery to enjoy: this was Hamilton harbour

There were many unexpected surprises along the way: this was a Ukrainian church, tucked down a back road outside Brampton...

... and these were Ontario's pocket badlands, that I didn't even know were there. After cycling through the Drumheller valley, these just looked so cute!

The weather may not always have been on my side, but there were always interesting things to see: in such a 'young' country, it was fascinating to see nature already reclaiming humankind's cast-offs

I've been lucky enough to be going in the same direction as several bike trails just recently: most of them unpaved, but still much preferable to playing with the traffic! This was the Oro-Medonte rail trail, which took me pretty much the entire way from Barrie to Orillia

And once again, I've been in lake country: this was Lake Couchiching, one of the twin lakes in Orillia

Fortunately, in spite of the neglect he's been suffering from due to my hectic schedule, Ranger has continued to perform well, so I never needed to find out whether this chap's repairs were better than his spelling... 😉



  1. You Do live a Boring life Silver !!!………:) WOW…Keep on keeping on You Pretty English Woman /Super Hero………Hugs from Hope BC

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