Posted by: Silver | April 16, 2012

Peterborough to Belleville

Peterborough to Cobourg:
Distance: 62 km
Ascent: 415 m
Cycling time: 3 hours, 47 minutes

Cobourg to Belleville:
Distance: 82 km
Ascent: 484 m
Cycling time: 5 hours, 9 minutes

One of the slight inconveniences of this seven-day-a-week, always-on-the-go journey is that, occasionally, the rest of Canada has a day off. Or two, in the case of Easter, which happened to coincide with my route through Peterborough and Cobourg. I always knew that this would make it just that little bit harder to get the word out about SOS Children’s Villages, as service clubs tend to have the week off and churches, well, tend to be concentrating on something else, so presentation opportunities were basically non-existent. With a bit of careful advance planning, however, I did think I could still manage to get the local media talking about the wonderful work that the world’s largest orphan charity is doing for children around the world.

What my careful planning couldn’t account for, however, was my turning up in Peterborough at the exact same moment as a major fire on the other side of town. Indeed, I saw the smoke, and had to scuttle out of the way of the emergency vehicles, as I pedalled into town. Happily, no-one was hurt in the fire, but entirely understandably, the reporter who was originally assigned to meet up with me just before everyone went home for the holidays was re-assigned to cover the fire instead, which wasn’t very happy for my hopes of letting Peterborough know about SOS. 😦

Luckily, however, there was a tiny bit of activity in the media sector on Easter Saturday, so I grabbed my chance and did finally manage to get something into both the local papers. 🙂 I also managed to get the Cobourg papers talking about SOS Children’s Villages too, although apparently, according to them, I only had to cycle 1300 km to get from Whitehorse to Cobourg… To quote my Cobourg host: “I must ask for the route you used… I plan on driving to the west coast next summer, and this short cut will save me bundles in gas” 😉 (For those of you still wondering, I’ve actually cycled just over thirteen thousand kilometres so far: honestly, if this journey has taught me one thing, it is that one should not necessarily believe everything one reads in the newspapers…!)

On the way down to Cobourg, I took a diversion through Bewdley, just so I could see Rice Lake. Amazingly, it was during this detour that I was found by a gentleman and his son who'd read about me in the Peterborough newspaper and wanted to meet me and make a donation! It was so lovely to actually see that my persistence in getting together with the newspaper had borne fruit for SOS 🙂

Southern Ontario is impressively well supplied with impressive Victorian edifices, but Cobourg Town Hall is apparently widely considered to be one of the finest

The weather for my ride to Belleville was definitely 'variable', but as luck would have it, the worst hailstorm started just a few minutes after I took this photo at the Nawautin nature sanctuary - just as my little walk along the path brought me to the covered bridge you can see in the distance. I decided to stay on the bridge just a little longer than originally planned...

Ranger enjoyed having a friend to talk to while he waited for me to take a quick comfort break, but he did think the other bike was cheating a bit... 😉



  1. Hey, Silver-
    thinking of you…. and so great reading your blog.
    Huge thanks for all that you are doing for SOS.

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