Posted by: Silver | May 13, 2012

Roxton Pond to Drummondville

Roxton Pond to Melbourne:
Distance: 54 km
Cycling time: 0

Melbourne to Drummondville:
Distance: 58 km
Ascent: 405 m
Cycling time: 3 hours, 50 minutes

In order to appreciate the sunshine, there has to be a little rain from time to time. It’s what makes everything green and beautiful.

That’s what I keep telling myself at any rate.

My personal perception (which seems to be borne out by the relevant climate statistics) is that you do get a lot more sunny days in Canada than in the UK, and I’ve certainly been blessed with some very pleasant rides just recently. Sometimes however, the weather gods just don’t seem to read my schedule quite closely enough… or maybe they do read it, but fancy a bit of a laugh…

Either way, the fact remains that between Roxton Pond and Drummondville, the two days when I wasn’t cycling were dry and beautiful, and the two days when I was on the move were thoroughly wet and miserable. 😦 So miserable in fact, that my previously-mentioned, wonderfully-kind hosts in Roxton Pond kidnapped Ranger and tied him up in their trailer to stop me pedalling through the puddles to Melbourne. I’m almost ashamed to say, I didn’t actually put up too much of a fight to save my loyal companion from his temporary bondage…

The day of my journey to Drummondville, however, started reasonably OK. By the end of the day, though, I’d discovered that my new ‘waterproof’ gloves really weren’t, and that contact lenses really are the only solution if you’re picky enough to insist on actually being able to see where you’re going when the rain is falling… Shame I don’t have any…

To make up for it though, my day in Drummondville was once again dry and sunny, and so, after having spent essentially the entire day in Melbourne in front of my computer trying to arrange hosts, presentations, newspaper interviews and the like, I decided to take a little time off and wander the streets with my camera…

Ranger made a new friend in Melbourne… I was almost jealous…

Oh, I love Quebec: there are bike paths everywhere! This one was in the centre of Drummondville

Drummondville has lots of houses in which each floor is a self-contained apartment; consequently, two- or even three-storied balconies are something of a feature of the town. Wasn’t quite sure what this particular arrangement did for the view from the bottom left-hand window, though…

Not something I intend to try doing with Ranger any time soon…! Cyclist crossing the ford in Woodyatt park, Drummondville



  1. I would definitely buy your book- you are a wonderful writer (and a pretty cool person :))…. thinking of you, Silver! XOX

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