Posted by: Silver | June 10, 2012

Chicoutimi to Forestville

Chicoutimi to Les Escoumins:
Distance: 162 km (… or 101 miles, if you prefer…)
Ascent: 1509 m
Cycling time: 10 hours, 55 minutes

Les Escoumins to Forestville:
Distance: 62 km
Ascent: 418 m
Cycling time: 3 hours, 45 minutes

Yes, just to prove (to myself primarily) that it wasn’t a fluke: little more than a week after completing my first century… I completed my second! Less climbing, less wind: EA-SY! (Comparatively…) This was the century I’d planned to do. In fact, it turned out that the route from one host’s house to the next was actually a little less than 100 miles, so I took a little (de)tour around the very pretty village of Les Escoumins just to make up the distance… then discovered that the road my hosts lived on wasn’t where google maps thought it was, so got lost and ended up adding yet another couple of kilometres onto the total as well… Ho hum! All things considered, I was quite amazed at how spritely I still was by the time Ranger and I finally parted company for the evening.

After just a one-night stop in Les Escoumins, during which I was treated to a generous amount of both protein and cuteness thanks to my hosts’ chickens (who provided not only many eggs but also a batch of newly hatched chicks for the day of my visit!), I once again headed out, for the (once again comparatively) gentle little ride to Forestville.

And in Forestville, I HAD A DAY OFF! For pretty much the first time since Christmas, I had no media interviews, gave no presentations, answered no emails… I didn’t even get dressed! Originally, I was due to stay with a member of the local Lions Club, but due to unforeseen circumstances, this plan had to be cancelled at the last minute. Extremely kindly though, the Lions Club arranged for me to stay at a local motel instead, and so, almost uniquely since this journey started very nearly two years ago, I had an entire day, entirely to myself! The amazing people that I’ve met as a result of depending on the kindness of strangers during this journey has been one of the most wonderful aspects of the whole mission, but always talking to new people you’ve never met before, every single day, (and lately, in a foreign language as well), is something that does require considerable reserves of energy – reserves that my time in Forestville was able to help me replenish: thank you, thank you Forestville Lions Club!

The weather might not have been the sunniest for my ride down to Les Escoumins, but the scenery certainly made up for it 🙂

Not even quite one-day-old chicks in Les Escoumins: all together now – aaaaaah! 😉

The weather for the ride to Forestville was gloriously sunny, and with no meetings or interviews or hosts waiting for me, I was able to linger in Longue-Rive and enjoy the magnificent scenery 🙂

And I wasn’t the only one enjoying the sunshine: this was the first time I’d seen a beaver out of the water – and there were three of them!


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