Posted by: Silver | June 16, 2012

Still pedallin’ after all this time…!

Yes, it is now exactly TWO YEARS since I set out from Whitehorse airport to spread the word about SOS Children’s Villages across the length and breadth of Canada! There have certainly been many ups and downs (both figuratively and literally!) during those two years, but my passion for SOS and the difference they’re making in children’s lives genuinely remains every bit as strong as it was on June 16th, 2010; indeed, it’s undoubtedly the only reason I’m still out here, ploughing on through the endless hard work and endlessly changing weather! I’ve cycled just a shade under 16,000 km (tomorrow’s ride will carry me over that threshold), and raised just a shade over $33,000 (that I know about). And as coincidence would have it, today is also the International Day of the African Child: does that give any of you enough reasons to consider making a donation or sponsoring a child?!



  1. Happy anniversary! Amazing accomplishments you can be very proud of. Congratulations Silver!

  2. Silver- Happy 2nd Anniversary! All of us at SOS Childrens Villages Canada are so very proud of you; your heart, your determination, your selflessness….ever in our thoughts.
    Thank you for all that you are doing for the children of the world- that they can know a loving Mother, siblings, good food, and education and BELONGING.
    Blessings, Layla

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