Posted by: Silver | July 1, 2012

Gaspé to Bonaventure

Gaspé to Chandler:
Distance: 113 km
Ascent: 1089 m
Cycling time: 7 hours, 20 minutes

Chandler to Bonaventure:
Distance: 77 km
Ascent: 644 m
Cycling time: 4 hours, 35 minutes

Ranger is truly the best friend a girl could have. He faithfully goes everywhere I take him, even if the road must seem quite scarily rough at times; he waits uncomplainingly outside for me every night, even if my host doesn’t have a garage or shed to offer him and there’s rain in the air; and he rarely grumbles about the fact that the hectic pace of this journey frequently means that he fails to receive the care and attention he deserves. But every good friend needs to speak up occasionally, for the benefit of all concerned, and as I came to the bottom of the plunging (but very badly paved) hill into Percé during my ride from Gaspé to Chandler, Ranger decided that this was his moment. His chain jammed.

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s not unknown for the chain to fall off from time to time – I’ve always assumed that this is just an inevitable consequence of how long a trike’s chain is – but this was different. The chain was well and truly stuck, and took a considerable amount of time and teasing to get it back in place again. And then it jammed at the other end.

Fortunately, I still had some of the disposable gloves given to me by my paramedic host way back in Alberta, so in combination with one of the mini towelettes given to me by my ‘practical young mom’ host in Alma, I was able to effect the immediate repair and get back on the road again without getting everything covered in oil: once again, I was amazingly grateful to my amazingly thoughtful hosts!

And once in Chandler, I once again had occasion to be amazingly grateful to yet another amazingly kind local bike shop owner: the lovely Stéphane at J.M.E. Sport Inc. He not only readjusted the derailleur free of charge, and gave the chain the thorough clean and re-greasing it had been needing for… urm… ‘a while’, but he and his assistant also both handed over donations for SOS Children’s Villages as well! Thank you both!!

Oh, and by the way: HAPPY CANADA DAY EVERYONE!

There is a railway line that goes all the way out to Gaspé: apparently the trains don’t run very frequently, but it must be one heck of a scenic ride when they do!

My first glimpse of the rocher percé (or ‘Percy Rock’ as the anglophones pronounce it!)

This little fishing boat looked so lost at the top of the mountain on the way to Percé. It was actually outside an isolated little souvenir shop selling model boats, but it still looked very out of place so far from the sea…

Taking an extra day in Chandler to take care of Ranger meant that I missed being on the road during the worst of the recent stormy weather: I just got to enjoy the moody, post-storm waves along the coast as I made my way to Bonaventure in little more than light drizzle


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