Posted by: Silver | August 17, 2012

Party now on THURSDAY, November 15th

SOS’s media person thinks he will be able to get much better publicity for the charity if I don’t arrive back in Ottawa on a Friday, and so, since getting SOS as much publicity as possible is the whole point of this journey, I’ve moved my arrival into Ottawa back one day to THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 15th. Hopefully this won’t cause any problems for any of you who were hoping to be there?!

And just while I’m writing a little ‘information’ entry, the map is up to date again, but once again, google is refusing to show the entire route at the same time, and to be honest, I’ve given up trying to fight it, so if you want to see the latest lengthening of the line, you’ll need to scroll down on the left hand side and click through to the second page. Highly unsatisfactory, I know, but maybe that’s just the price you pay for using a free map!

And the final bits of information to bring you up to date on are that I have now cycled more than 18,000 km, and raised more than $35,000 – indeed, if unconfirmed rumours of private donations are to be believed, it’s actually a minimum of $37,000! Yay for SOS! 🙂



  1. Yaay for SOS & Yaay for Silver ~ well done!

  2. Silver, you are a true inspiration!
    Adam & I only cylced 4400 Km which I thought was something else!
    Way to go girl!
    Stew Gilmore

  3. You have shown such determination. Have been across Canada in a vehicle so I have an idea what a challenge you have faced. A donation is on the way to SOS Canada. Best of luck.

    • Thank you so much, Bev! And don’t forget that if you make the donation via the link here, the site will send me a little email so I’ll know that I can add your contribution to the next ‘running total’!
      Thank you again for your support!!

  4. Fabulous, Silver!!! Well done!! It seems “only yesterday” you were here!
    Congratulations on both the awareness & the financial contributions your efforts and outcomes have provided to SOS ! You are to be commended!

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