Posted by: Silver | September 3, 2012

Grand Falls-Windsor to Glovertown

Grand Falls-Windsor to Lewisporte:
Distance: 75 km
Ascent: 532 m
Cycling time: 3 hours, 55 minutes

Lewisporte to Gander:
Distance: 63 km
Ascent: 492 m
Cycling time: 3 hours, 30 minutes

Gander to Glovertown:
Distance: 68 km
Ascent: 603 m
Cycling time: 3 hours, 50 minutes

Numerous little highlights to report since I last posted an update…

The media across Newfoundland have continued to take a welcome interest in what I’m doing and the cause I’m doing it for, although my latest TV appearance was actually entirely unrelated to all my tireless ‘media relations’ efforts: a cameraman from the CBC just happened to be heading home from another story when he drove right past me! I was still on the road when the segment aired, so I’ve no idea how the impromptu interview turned out, but several people later commented that they’d seen it, so it was evidently at least reasonably memorable!

People have also been stopping me to make donations! As I’ve mentioned before, this is not something I actively encourage, for security reasons, but it does occasionally happen, and since my last update, it has happened several times! One couple drove out especially to try and find me after they saw the CBC news item, and another chap not only made a very generous donation to SOS Children’s Villages, but donated a wonderfully energy-packed bag of organic trail mix to me as well!

With presentation opportunities sadly somewhat thinner on the ground over the summer, I’ve even had a tiny bit of time to be a ‘tourist’: in Lewisporte, I was treated to the most fascinating guided tour of the area by my host, whose family roots are firmly planted in the rocky bays there. When I expressed surprise that the old houses often seemed to be out on the exposed points of land, rather than nestled away in the sheltered bays, she pointed out that this made it a lot easier to see what the weather was like out at sea, before you put out in your boat: just one of many glimpses into a completely different way of life, moulded by the rugged conditions here. The communities along the coasts, away from the Trans-Canada Highway are known as ‘outport’ Newfoundland, and it’s undoubtedly true that this is where the unique character of Newfoundland is still to be found at its strongest. As a vegetarian, however, I ‘unfortunately’ had to forego the cultural ‘pleasure’ of eating cod tongues…

Only in Newfoundland? This garden, just down the coast from Lewisporte, was somebody’s private garden, but it was open for everyone to come and enjoy 🙂

My host’s tour took us all the way out to Twillingate, where another surprise was in store for me: there actually used to be a gold mine out here! If you look closely, you can still see some bits of old mine equipment in the photo

I didn’t quite manage to out-run the rain on my journey to Glovertown, but I still couldn’t resist stopping to take in this magnificent view of Gambo

A rare quiet moment at the boat launch in Glovertown: many people have boat-access-only cabins around here, and as my stop coincided with the last long weekend of the summer, the launch was definitely getting well used!



  1. We wish you the best for the rest of your trip on the Rock and for the cycling back to Ottawa!

    Pascal et Julie, Amqui

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