Posted by: Silver | October 14, 2012

Alberton to Saint Stephen

Alberton to Bedeque:
Distance: 117 km
Ascent: 505 m
Cycling time: 6 hours, 35 minutes

Bedeque to Moncton:
Distance: 118 km
Ascent: 547 m
Cycling time: 7 hours

Moncton to Sussex:
Distance: 86 km
Ascent: 825 m
Cycling time: 5 hours, 25 minutes

Sussex to Saint John:
Distance: 84 km
Ascent: 898 m
Cycling time: 6 hours

Saint John to Saint Stephen:
Distance: 120 km
Ascent: 1099 m
Cycling time: 8 hours, 35 minutes

Ironic, isn’t it? The more there is to write about, the less time there is to write about it! There may only be a month of my journey left to go, but the pace certainly isn’t letting up, so this is just a ‘holding’ entry to let you all know that I’m still fine, I’m still pedalling away, and I’ll write a proper entry just as soon as I get a moment!

We’re finally getting a bit of autumn colour, so here’s a little something to keep you going until the next entry!



  1. WOW , That is a lot of hours pedaling..Take care you Brave Woman you..Hugs…:)

  2. Yes – one of the things that’s been taking up my time just recently is lots of autumnal headwinds!! 😦

  3. You are doing amazing Tana 🙂

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