Posted by: Silver | November 17, 2012

Journey Over!!!

Yup: after two years, five months and 22,300 km, I cycled up Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Thursday morning to finally finish this grand (and possibly slightly insane) odyssey I’ve been on for SOS Children’s Villages since June 2010!!

It’s all been a bit hectic since then, as both my parents came to Ottawa to meet me, but I promise this isn’t the end of the blog: I will write more as soon as I get the chance, but for now, I’m concentrating on spending a bit of quality time with the family I haven’t seen in a long, long time…

In the meantime though, here are the final few stats, for those who’ve been following them (has anyone been following them?!):

Sherbrooke to Cowansville:
Distance: 98 km
Ascent: 1078 m
Cycling time: 6 hours, 45 minutes

Cowansville to St-Jean-sur-Richelieu:
Distance: 53 km
Ascent: 197 m
Cycling time: 3 hours, 45 minutes

St-Jean-sur-Richelieu to Salaberry-de-Valleyfield:
Distance: 98 km
Ascent: 314 m
Cycling time: 6 hours, 25 minutes

Salaberry-de-Valleyfield to Lachute:
Distance: 70 km
Ascent: 390 m
Cycling time: 4 hours, 35 minutes

Lachute to Pointe-au-Chêne:
Distance: 59 km
Ascent: 303 m
Cycling time: 4 hours, 45 minutes

Pointe-au-Chêne to Gatineau:
Distance: 98 km
Ascent: 409 m
Cycling time: 6 hours, 20 minutes

Gatineau to Ottawa:
Distance: 16 km
Ascent: 101 m
Cycling time: 1 hour, 10 minutes



  1. YES I’ve been following them ever since you were a guest here at my home back in June 2012.
    I wish I could have been there in Ottawa to greet your triumphant arrival. What you accomplished in the last two and a half years is nothing short of phenomenal. I applaud your vision, determination and sheer courage. I am extremely proud to have been part of it, even if it was in the smallest way possible.
    Huge Congratulations! You now deserve a long rest…

    With Love

  2. Congratulations, Tana! I have been following you too. Enjoy your accomplishment and your well-deserved vacation, and let us know where you decide to settle.

  3. HURRAY!!!! You did it you amazing woman you!! I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating the success of your journey; don’t whatever you do stop keeping us all appraised of how you’re getting on and what you’re going to do next! 😀 xxx

  4. Brilliant!!
    I can’t believe it’s over two years ago you set off.
    Wonderful achievement.
    Love, John x

  5. Hey Little Lady,

    Congratulations on a mammoth accomplishment!
    Hope you take some time to bask in the results your hard work.
    Thanks you for including Guysborough in your itinerary.

    All the best,


    Lloyd P. Hines
    Municipality of the District of Guysborough

  6. Congrats—and all the best in the future!



  7. Big country, big effort and hope you have gained as much as you have given. Enjoyed following the journey and although we have travelled across Canada, I can only imagine all the extras that you have from your bike. Cheers and best wishes on this wonderful good deed. Bev

  8. Congrat’s my Brave and courage’s friend !!! I am so proud of you and in awe of your accomplishment…Canada is very lucky indeed to have you…and I an honoured to call you friend…Much Love and rest those lovely legs a while..and yes enjoy your family…..:) So look forward to seeing you soon……Blessings…… Graham……I may live in HOPE, but you spread it !!

  9. Congratulations Tana, what an accomplishment! You are an amazing woman! Enjoy your time relaxing with you family, it is well deserved! It was great to have the opportunity to meet you.
    Take care,
    p.s. we have been following you 🙂

  10. Congratulations, Tana! We’re making our Christmas donation to SOS Children’s Village BC in your name this week. Thank you for helping raise Canadian awareness about our distressed and very needful youngsters and how SOS helps. Every child belongs … every child matters!

  11. Congrats Tana. That is a remarkable feat. Adair from Gaspe.

  12. i saw you on salt spring island,,have enjoyed following your journey….

  13. Dear Silver, Way to go on the completion of your odyssey! What an amazing journey and experience. We had considered coming to Ottawa for the finish line, but unfortunately MIke was at a course in Toronto Thursday to Saturday. We were there at least for you in spirit! Congratulations! Spending so much time on your own with a companionable bike, but one that doesn’t talk, has probably given you much time to consider your options for the future. It will seem strange to be on one place or more than a couple of days. Looking forward to hearing how this future unravels. I hope you will keep your web site open, so we can follow your path. All the best. Mike & Louise

  14. Congratulations! Me and all my daycare kids are so proud of you! Sincerley Lesley the tickle monsters sister lol

  15. Have followed your journey since you left Anglia Ruskin University – it has been an amazing adventure… Congratulations on finishing and I hope you enjoy a well earned break!

  16. Congratulations Silver! Well done from us all in Cambridge! We look forward to hearing what happens next, after you’ve had some well deserved rest of course!

  17. SILVER! Congratulations on an amazing odyssey of courage and love, for SOS Children’s Villages! So grateful for your vision, and your great empathy for others…. particularly for children. I hope that you and your parents celebrate with a great visit to Ottawa- and I eagerly look forward to the time that I can see you again. Deepest gratitude, and much love,

  18. Congratulations on an amazing journey. I have been following you since you stayed at my place in Rock Creek B.C. It has been a journey that is an inspiration to all and your efforts for a wonderful cause are admirable. May the money continue to roll in. Thanks on behalf of the children…Jenny

  19. Congrats!

    The Ryan family from Waterville QC.

  20. Silver…what an amazing woman you are! Your unwaivering commitment, eternal optimism and briliant sense of humor has been so inspiring! It was such a joy to meet you and follow your journey. Thank you.
    Corina Carroll
    Program Director
    SOS Children’s Village BC

  21. Well done Tana and enjoy – tons of love abby crayfish from ARU
    (often relate your crayfish ‘Pirat’e trap joke (can you catch me a Johny Depp and an Orlando Bloom please?) – always goes down well

  22. Congratulations, Tana! So glad you included Manitoulin Island on your journey. And my sisters loved having you stay with them.

  23. Congratulations Silver! You can be very, very proud of your accomplishments! Absolutely, we have been following you every step of the way. We are very proud of you! Can’t wait to read the book of your epic journey and many adventures!

    Peace and love,


  24. Dear Tana – bravo! We met this summer when I was on my own little journey across Canada ( and in addition to congratulating you I would like to invite you to visit our College – Pearson College UWC of the Pacific – and speak to our students. We have a guest house on campus and you can stay and take a well deserved break. As I mentioned when we met (about 50km outside Sydney NS) we have offered scholarships to SOS students to attend Pearson College and plan to continue that in the future. All the best, David


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