Posted by: Silver | January 26, 2015

-64ºC? Bring it on!

As some of you know already, there was a tiny part of me that was actually a tiny bit disappointed that, despite living in the Arctic for almost two years now, I still hadn’t experienced any temperature lower than -30ºC. Well, as the old saying goes, “be careful what you wish for…!”

The air temperature when I got up this morning was “only” -42ºC (that’s -44ºF for those of you still watching in black and white), but with the chill from the 40 km/hr winds added in, the forecast was for it to feel more like -64ºC (-83ºF).

But I still walked to work!

I will take a moment for you all to be deeply in awe of my amazing toughness… before telling you that it honestly wasn’t that bad. As another old saying goes, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing”, and fortunately, my clothing was not inappropriate. Although, there weren’t as many layers of it as you might imagine: t-shirt, long-sleeve top, and hoodie on top, thermal leggings, hiking pants and wind pants below, all topped off with my remarkably lightweight $80 Japanese ‘fashion’ parka – not a Canada Goose in sight! I only even had one pair of socks on!

Now admittedly, the walk to work is less than half an hour – I’m not sure I’d have wanted to be out all day dressed like that – but for the time I was out, I was perfectly warm. Indeed, the biggest problem I had was simply seeing where I was going: with my scarf wrapped snugly across every exposed inch of my face (frostbite is, of course, a very real danger at this temperature), warm, moist air was directed straight up to my glasses with every exhalation. Where, of course, it froze instantly.

Happily though, I could still see well enough, and with the wind whipping so much snow into the air, the sun was the most amazing bright red as it rose: it might have been Arctic-cold this morning, but it was still Arctic-beautiful. 🙂

But hopefully you’ll forgive me for not taking my mittens off to take a photo of it…



  1. Glad to hear of more of your adventures. My wife and I met with you in Portage la Prairie during your cycle trip. Stay Warm. Wilf Schellenberg

    • Lovely to hear from you, Wilf! Yes, I remember meeting you both in a very much warmer and sunnier Portage! My love to you both 🙂

  2. No forgiveness whatsoever… I wanted a photo !!! 😉

    Looks like you’re well, spirit is good. BTW, I’m still in awe of your toughness ever since you were my guest.

    Take care

    • Oh, but you take so much better photos than I do, JC – I wouldn’t have wanted to disappoint you! 😉

  3. Hi Silver…:) You continue to amaze me….maybe you have already morphed into a super human….The next step in humanity …and still so cute…Thanks so much for the stay warm and happy my friend…Lovely to hear from you…Cheers…<3

  4. Sounds exciting Tana, but I think I prefer PEI. Good to hear from you, take care, Arie

  5. Only a balmy -29C here on Manitoulin this morning. So glad to hear from you and sounds like everything is good, even dressing properly for the weather.

  6. Hi Ho Silver, looks like a reunion here, so I thought why not join in. It has been too long since we met. I am glad you were not put off by a chilly day in the Arctic! In Whitehorse it ain’t that cold at -27°C, but the wind chill isn’t great. Still Yukon had the dubious honor of having a real cold spot: -57 (air temp) a little north of Mayo. Stay warm! Until we meet again!

  7. Hello Joost! Hello Everyone! Yes, a lovely reunion – so great to hear from you all! 🙂 And from all across the country too: Yukon, BC, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and PEI! Would anyone from Alberta, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia or Newfoundland like to join in as well, to complete the set?! Thanks for all your comments – it’s really lovely to keep in touch 🙂

  8. Glad to see you are enjoying our winters.

    Simone & Roger

    • Hello both!
      Lovely to hear from you! And thank you for adding an Alberta voice to this nationwide comment thread!
      Yes, I seem to be taking to the Canadian climate quite nicely – I certainly don’t regret my choice! 🙂

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