Click here to see a map of my route so far.

Please note that this map is only intended to give a general idea of my route: google map lines automatically snap to the most logical roads for a car to take, but (often for precisely this reason) my chosen cycling route was frequently somewhat different. Please also note that the map does not show the final part of my journey, as my route became so long and complex that in the end, google maps just gave up on me and refused to allow me to lengthen the line any further!



  1. Hi Silver!
    When you see the map, I’m awe struck at the length of your journey…. no wonder it’s going to take 2-3 years!!!!! I can’t wait to follow your journey, Can’t wait to see you in May, and meet your new best friend (your bike)… are you naming new said friend? see you soon, love Joy

    • Hi Joy,

      I know! And it’s funny: the closer the start of my journey gets, the bigger Canada keeps looking…!

      If you’re asking about the name of my trike though, I can only assume you haven’t read my ‘about’ page yet! 😉 Have a look there, then let me know if you’ve worked out why I’ve chosen the name I have!

  2. dude you have a really long way to go! 🙂

  3. Good to see your progress on the map and to hear your stories so far. Looks like one hell of an adventure you have got yourself into.
    Take care.

  4. Hi Tana,
    Good to see the results you have had. It is great that you have this vision for those of us who need some extra “watching over” in the first part of our lives.

    I am curious as to what type of recumbent bike you are riding, is it a “one off” or a factory model? Is the wind screen effective? (It appears to deliver the wind right at your face in the picture we see in the Lacombe Globe.



    • Hi Jim,
      Thanks for your interest in my journey. The trike is a standard production model, although the fairing was an ‘add-on’. It’s true that it doesn’t keep the wind off your face, but it does keep you drier in the rain and makes you more aerodynamic overall, so I think it’s worth it. I’ve never ridden without one, mind you, so I’m possibly not the best judge! The trike is certainly a very eye-catching advert for SOS Children’s Villages though, so I reckon he does his job perfectly! Spreading the word about the charity is what this journey’s all about, after all…

  5. Hi ‘Silver’ – As a reporter, meeting new people is one the main reasons I love my career so! You are a remarkable young lady, I could sit and visit with for hours and absorb your experiences and interview.

    Thank-you for the time to talk, cooperation and patience for photos, answers to questions and sharing your remarkable journey!

    Take care, I will glady follow you along-:)

  6. “Hi Ho Silver”(land)

    Way to go! Just read about you in Newmarket’s local paper. My ten year old says “can we see her?” and certainly we will try to catch up with you and lend supprt to SOS on the 23rd. Indeed, if you need a family fix you can stay with us … us being, John (teacher), Jo(social worker, whose dad was an orphan) and kids jesse, jack, jerri.
    Not doing anything near a grand as your undertaking I lived on my bike and the generosity of others for some time, so we would be most pleased to help you make the most of your Newmarket passing.

    the 5 Jays

    • Hello John,
      Thanks so much for your support and enthusiasm! I hope to be at the municipal offices in Newmarket around 3pm on the 23rd for a photo shoot with the Era-Banner; alternatively, I will be giving a presentation about SOS Children’s Villages at the Mount Albert United Church on the morning of the 25th – you would be more than welcome to come to either! Happily, someone has already come forward to offer to host me during my time in the Newmarket area, but thank you very much indeed for your kind offer: this journey certainly has shown just how many wonderful people there are in Canada!

  7. Hi Tana,

    Just read your article in “Orillia Today” I live in Orillia, so if you want/need accommodation, or some route advice (I’m a fellow cyclist) just shout!

    Good Luck!


    • Thanks, Bob! I’m actually well past Orillia now (the blog is always a little bit behind!), but I very much appreciate your kind offer and support! And don’t forget to tell all your cycling (and non-cycling!) friends about SOS Children’s Villages! You never know: you might even inspire some of them to make a donation! 😉

  8. Bonjour Tana
    C’est un privilège de vous recevoir dans quelques jours.
    Les routes de la Gaspésie sauront vous combler par leur beauté.
    Bienvenue dans notre belle région.

    • Merci beaucoup, Nicole 🙂

  9. Where have you decided to settle?

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