If you would like to help SOS Children’s Villages provide orphans and abandoned children around the world with a loving home and a brighter future, please make a donation here:
The cut that the CanadaHelps website takes is actually less than the percentage the credit card companies take if you make a donation directly via the SOS Children’s Villages website, so donating through this page not only means you can let SOS Children’s Villages know that you heard about them because of the mad English cyclist, but also means they will end up with more money!

Alternatively, if you prefer to donate by cheque rather than online, please send your donation (made payable to ‘SOS Children’s Villages Canada’) to:
SOS Children’s Villages Canada
Unit 240 – 44 ByWard Market Square
Ottawa, ON
K1N 7A2

Thank you all so much for your support of this wonderful organization!



  1. Love reading your blogs and keeping pace with your travels. Good on you Silver and keep up the good work for SOS.
    Your host in Kamloops BC, Sherry.
    To all Rotarians – please assist with Silver’s goals and enjoy her company as we did.

  2. Tana

    It was a pleasure meeting you and you are doing great work

    Jamshed Ali
    Mississauga Central Lions Club

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